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Speed, Strength & Power

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How to increase strength with Trec Nutrition

Want to build strength and improve your fitness level? If you’re looking to be faster, stronger and more powerful then Trec’s Power & strength range will help you achieve your desired goal. You are what you eat in sport; so a balanced diet along with the right strength supplements, will transform you into the athlete you aim to be.

Undertake intense workouts

Training your body increases muscle fibre stimulation, muscle size, and maximizes your strength. After an intense workout, your body tends to repair the damage caused by making the muscle stronger. By doing so, you will find you are more capable of doing the same amount of training with much less effort; which is known as the training effect. By introducing sport nutrition products to your workout regime, you will be supplying your body with the energy needed to allow you to train harder and last longer.

Work on strength, then build power

Remember, in order to gain strength you should limit your workout to low repetitions (5-7 reps) and focus on heavy weight lifting. To build power, it is essential to be capable of performing sports that require maximum strength.

Consume sufficient amounts of protein

When the body lacks enough protein intake it can result in a number of things: loss of muscle tissue, slower recovery, a weaker immune system and energy loss. Ultimate Protein, Booster Bars and performance products like Pump Whey Extreme will supply you with whey protein to fulfill your needs. Such products work as ideal protein supplements, which can be found in high protein foods such as, chicken, fish and steak.

Monitor your calorie intake

The amount of calories you consume during the day is directly linked to the results you are expected to achieve. For instance, if your aim is to increase power and strength without building muscle bulk, then you will only need a sufficient amount of calories to maintain your weight. However, if you’re after increasing muscle size and improving strength, then a higher calorie intake is highly recommended. Consuming a combination of carbohydrates and protein (i.e. calories) immediately after a workout maximizes recovery and maintains a healthy balance.

Use Creatine to increase power and strength

Products containing Creatine such as the Nitrobolon II range allow you to intensify your workouts, improve strength, and provide you with explosive power to last longer during training. Check out our Advanced Technology category for products that will help you increase strength and power.

Minimize muscle breakdown

You can support muscle and increase strength by reducing muscle breakdown after your workout. By adding a formula such as HMB Revolution to your diet and workout regime, you can guarantee the best results.

Seek the aid of additional products for better results

Life Energy, Multipack 36 and ZMA Original can improve your physical performance, and support your mental and immune function. Taking adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals is a requirement to support your overall workout in order to see better results