Lose Weight & Tone Up

Lose Weight & Tone Up

Lose weight and tone Up with Trec Nutrition

Fed up with spending every waking hour in the gym to burn that stubborn fat and tone up your body? Are you after a more defined, muscular and healthy body that sets you apart from the rest? Here are a few tips you should follow to lose weight and get a fitter body

Visit the gym regularly

Regular exercise will give you that lean and defined look you’re after. If you’re aiming to burn fat and build muscle, then adding some resistance exercise (weight training) twice to three times per week, combined with cardiovascular exercise (cycling, jogging) is a must in your workout routine.

Consume five to six meals a day

Eating five to six meals a day will boost your metabolism, helping you to lose weight and reduce hunger without storing fat. Having frequent meals will allow a more efficient use of minerals and vitamins in the body. It also stabilizes blood sugar rates and stimulates higher energy levels. It is recommended to have your three main meals (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner) and add a meal replacement bar, like Hammers Bars in-between meals as a snack.

Add protein to each meal

Including lean protein into your diet will help you lose fat and build muscle faster, especially when taken every few hours. Protein takes longer to digest, so it stays longer in your body. Try Perfect Whey Protein to increase protein content in your body, and help fight muscle breakdown. It can be taken as a shake for breakfast by adding it to cereal, or as a quick protein rich night snack, by mixing it with yoghurt.

Use Perfect Whey Protein five to ten minutes after training

Taking protein immediately after training will help to build muscle bulk and strength more rapidly. Perfect Whey Protein is ideal for use shortly after training, as it tends to get digested quickly by the body.

Use fat burners to accelerate weight loss

Visiting the gym regularly? Eating a healthy balanced meal? But, the results seem unsatisfactory? Well, using fat burners like Clenburexin help raise your metabolism so you burn fat faster. It is a natural formula containing ingredients that mobilize and burn fat, when combined with a sensible diet and effective training routine.