Pre Workout Nutrition

Pre Workout Nutrition

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Pre, during and post nutrition is the key to get optimal results in the gym and for growth and recovery. Pre-workout nutrition is necessary for performance in the gym and post is necessary for growth. The following will provide you with proper pre, during and post nutrition.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Pre-workout nutrition is very important before a workout. It determines whether or not you have you can achieve your maximum potential during your workout in the gym.

Getting an extra couple reps or increasing the weight is possible with proper pre-workout nutrition. It can be done by eating a proper pre-workout meal one to two hours before (depending on your metabolism and how much you eat) as well as taking a supplement 15-45 minutes before a workout.

These pre-workout meals and supplements will allow you to have increased muscle strength, better endurance, give you increased energy, give you better pumps, burn more calories and fat or improve concentration.

There are two things to consider before a workout:

  1. Having a meal one to two hours before
  2. Taking a proper supplement thirty minutes before.

A Proper meal needs to consists of...


Fruit should be eaten at all times throughout the day. They dilate the blood vessels reducing stress on the heart. Dilating the blood will allow blood to flow around the body easier as well as prevent increased high blood pressure if you are taking supplements such as caffeine, ephedrine HCl or fat burners, which are all vasoconstrictors

Fruits are packed with vitamins and some carbohydrates or simple sugars to fuel your workout. My two favorite pre-workout fruits are bananas, which are packed with carbohydrates and potassium which prevents cramps. My second favorite is oranges, which are high in vitamin C and contains electrolytes which also prevents cramps.

Low GI Carbs

These carbohydrates will fuel your body with energy throughout the entire workout. If you eat a high GI carb before a workout, you will have a lot a energy at the start but quickly start to crash.

Carbohydrates are the main source energy in a workout. I would recommend brown or white rice, brown bread or pumpernickel bread, whole wheat bagel or whole wheat pasta or oatmeal

Protein - Essential Amino Acids

Protein is the essential building blocks of muscles. Without it, your muscles would not grow. They also ensure proper nitrogen balances in the muscle.

I would recommend eggs, which has a very high biological value. Other good protein sources are chicken or fish which contains Omega 3.

EFA - Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are necessary for maintaining high testosterone levels. They also keep the energy levels up and are necessary for fat soluble vitamins. They take a long time to digest and so they are great for people that are hungry all the time because it keeps them full even during workout.

A proper pre-workout meal should be something that is completely digested 15-30 minutes before a workout so the blood can leave the stomach and enter the muscles.

Proper supplementation consists of...

Supplementation before a workout is also necessary for enhancing your workout. Supplements, especially stimulants should be cycled so your body does not build up a tolerance. Most supplements should be taken 30 minutes before a workout on an empty stomach.

Here are some great supplements to use before a workout:


Although food does provide some vitamins and minerals, it does not provide all of them therefore a multivitamin before a workout or in the morning for proper functioning of the body. Choosing a multivitamin high in b-vitamins is important since it helps release energy and also contains anabolic properties.


It is a great muscle volumizer and provides energy for the muscle in the form or ATP. This protein is safe and retains water inside the muscle.


Caffeine is a great stimulant to provide your body with higher levels of energy. It is great when stacked with Ephedrine HCL since it helps you burn more fat and have enormous energy levels.


BCAA's are great for maintaining nitrogen balances. They are digested in the skeletal muscle and spare muscle breakdown.


They provide great muscle pumps for some and also open up the blood vessels so more blood can be delivered to the muscle. This means more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to the muscle. Some of theses contain ingredients such as arginine AKG, citrulline malate and ornithine ethyl ester.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are great for stimulating the body, increasing energy levels as well as burning fat. They are usually vasoconstrictors and should not be stacked with a NO2 product, which do the opposite

Focus Supplements

Ingredients such as tyrosine and N-acetyl-Carnitine provide your body with mental focus when working out in the gym. It is great for people who take too long of breaks in between sets or give up too easily.

Stamina & Endurance

The best supplements for this is ginseng. It will help sustain energy levels for longer periods of time. It is very common in sports and some multivitamins and is safe when taking correct dosages.