Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Do you want the cover model look? That lean, defined, muscular look that sets you apart from everyone else in the gym and turns heads on the beach? Ask any experienced gym user and they'll tell you that you won't lose fat and build muscle by spending every waking hour in the gym. You'll just burn out. Instead, you need to feed your body what it needs.

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Gain Weight & Muscle Size

The key in being able to gain weight and muscle isn't about spending every waking hour pumping iron in the gym. Yeah, sure it important to incorporate resistance training, but far more importance needs to be put on nutrition. Without the correct nutrition, you really are not going to see weight gain you really desire. Do you want to gain weight fast in the following body parts? Want that big chest, adore those bulging biceps, and desire those broad shoulders? Want to gain an extra 5, 10, 15 kg?

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Lose Weight & Tone Up

We all want to have a six pack! But most of all we want to lose weight and lose weight quick! Many people find that even after many hours in the gym they still don't see any quick results. Trec Nutrition will help you achieve your goals to lose weight and tone up

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Stamina, Energy & Endurance

Do you find yourself struggling for energy and strength during a workout? If you're looking for that extra push to motivate you in the gym - then following these 6 tips, along with Trec's Energy and Recovery range will help you reach your objectives. We can also help you attain your goals - in less time, with less effort.

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Speed, Strength & Power

Want to build strength and improve your fitness level? If you're looking to be faster, stronger and more powerful then Trec's Power & strength range will help you achieve your desired goal. You are what you eat in sport; so a balanced diet along with the right strength supplements, will transform you into the athlete you aim to be.

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Whey 100, 100% Whey Protein, Whey Pump

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Mass XXL, Magnum 8000

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S.A.W., Nitrobolon, Reactor Pro 3

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CM3 Powder, Crea9 Xtreme, Creatine Micronized + Taurine


REDFASTER, Dextrose powder

Amino Acids

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L-Glutamine Extreme FC, L-Glutamine Extreme Powder, Peptide Glutamine


HMB formula caps, HMB Revolution, HMB liquid

Weight Loss

Thermo Fat Burner - 120 Capsules, Clenburexin, Fat Transporter, CLA + Green Tea

Night Time Recovery

ZMA Original, Tribulon, Tribulon Black

Joint Health

JOINT X PACK T-5, Magne 100 Sport, Glucosamine, Collagen Renover

Advanced Technology

S.A.W., Mct Gold Oil, CM3 Powder


Magne 100 Sport, Mega Mineral Pack, Dibencozide Force, Vitamin C

Gloves & Belts

Double Weight Lifting Belt, Dead Lift Straps, Gel Shock Weight Lifting Gloves


L-Carnitine 3000 Gel, L-Carnitine Complex

Herbal & Energy

Caffeine 200 Plus, Herbal Energy, Taurine 900, Tyrosine, FUEL X PACK

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Protein Shaker, Protein Shaker, Pill Organiser, Sports Running Bottle, Gym Bag

Tone up your work out
If you want to tone up certain areas of your body, it can be a tough challenge. Unfortunately, there's no way to target fat loss in a certain area: for example, doing hundreds of sit ups won't target belly fat efficiently. However, it's still important to introduce isolated, targeted exercises once you have a solid base of fitness in order to add that definition and tone. If you're just starting out with your work out programme, a good full body work out will be the best place to begin. You need to address muscle weaknesses and generally improve your cardio fitness before starting
Get to know your bodybuilding
Bodybuilding is a complex sport at any time, but even more so if you're a beginner. While you might be the smallest one in the gym to start with, follow our beginner's guide to bodybuilding and you won't be that way for long. First, it's worth reading up on the subject. Magazine articles, online blogs, anything that you can start increasing your knowledge about your muscles and how you should best formulate your work out. However, don't rely on secondhand information: the best thing to do is to seek the advice of a personal trainer and then bombard them with questions.
Motivate Yourself!
How do you motivate yourself to get into the gym or go out on that run? We've all had those days where we'd prefer to curl up on the sofa and watch TV, but somehow we find a way to push through and stay on track with our fitness. We've had a bit of a discussion in the Trec office, and have put together some of the most common ways that we motivate ourselves. Calorie Counting If you're looking to lose weight, then this is one of the most motivational things to think about. Being able to put a value on the...
Get a Boost From Casein
Casein protein is one of the most popular protein supplements around. It's commonly used for a number of reasons, and offer advantages for both beginners looking for a boost and for the advanced exerciser looking for ways to push on to the next level. So, how could casein protein supplements benefit your work out? Casein protein can help you to improve your muscle retention to ensure you're not losing muscle mass between work outs. If you're on a lower calorie diet and want to avoid lean muscle break down then casein could help. If you're taking in negative calories each day.