Whey 100 - 600g - 20 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • Low Fat Diet Whey - Only 90 calories per serving
  • Low Concentration of Carbs & Fat
  • High Concentration of BCAA & Glutamine
  • High performance pure protein
  • Ideal for Muscle & Weight Control
RRP: £23.99 NOW: £17.99

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Whey 100 Protein Concentrate is a top class protein rich product manufactured in the American Main Street Ingredients laboratory. 100% of its contents is whey protein concentrate with pure protein concentration of above 80%. Whey protein is among the most popular and effective natural derived proteins. It offers high biological value (BV104), very good solubility and absorption and it contains a considerable amount of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and L-Glutamine.

100% Whey is a fantastic supplement in protein deficiency which occurs when the demand for the nutrient increases, e.g. in the case of professional sports, low-calorie diet (body mass reduction) or convalescence. Bodybuilders are especially recommended to use the product to gain muscle mass and accelerate post-workout recovery. Our 100% Whey is manufactured in the ultratiltration process, thanks to which it contains very little fat and lactose. The product is soluble both in milk and water.


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Customer Reviews

  1. 5

    Really good

    Review by Karl on 4th October 2010

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  2. Whey protein

    This product was great tasting and helped my muscles repair much quicker after a rigorous workout!

    Review by Alexia on 14th September 2010

  3. Great Tasting Protein!

    I chose the Chocolate Flavor and it was fantastic. I was a little nervous it may taste a little like toothpaste. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it tastes more in line with a chocolate milk shake. When mixed with Rice or Almond milk it's fantastic. Buy it- it's great stuff!

    Review by T. R. Kanavy on 14th September 2010

  4. A Tasty drink

    With so many products on the market to choose from, its trial and error to find a quality product protein powder that actually tastes good. I found this and it does taste fantastic!!. Chocolate mixed with some cold 2% milk...mmm...mmm...good. It tastes just like an ice cream milkshake, but healthy.

    Review by Darth Ra on 14th September 2010

  5. Great protein, poor flavor choice

    Trec 100% Whey has always been my top choice after many years of switching around. It's simply the best out there. I base this assertion on its superior taste, protein content, and mixability.

    I would, however, caution you against getting some of their more creative or original flavors. Stick to something generic like chocolate or vanilla, because you never know when you want to mix something in with it like fruit, oats, whatever. With chocolate cherry, it's not a really good base for a meal replacement shake.

    Still no complaints against the protein though.

    Review by Tandy on 14th September 2010

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