VITAL X PACK N-6 - 30 Sachets

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  • All in 1 vitamin complex
  • An athlete's essential VITAMINS and minerals
  • Improves stamina and concentration
  • Eliminates fatigue

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Multi Max N-6 is a precisely balanced nutritional complex, which is a perfect supplement to the diets of all professional athletes and persons burdened with significant physical and mental burden. Multi Max N-6 provides the body with appropriately selected and balanced nutrients i.e. vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B11, B12, D, E, H), macro- and micro-elements (Ca, Mg, K, Zn, Fe, Mn, B, Cu, Cr, Se, V, Mo, I ), as well as strengthening, energizing and vitalizing herbal extracts (Guarana, Ginseng).

The product also contains a complex of nutritional co-factors which enhance the immune system functions and accelerate the regeneration of the organism i.e. choline, inositol, PABA, nucleic acids: RNA and DNA, bioflavonoids, sea algae, Omega 3 fatty acids etc.The demand for the nutrients listed above rises when the body is burdened e.g. during intensive workout (especially in the periods of gaining muscle stamina, strength and mass), during a reduction diet or long-lasting mental exertion. A poorly balanced and unvaried diet which does not supply sufficient amounts of these nutrients is often the cause of mental vulnerability, reduced immunity of the body, decreased stamina, concentration deficit, and apathy accompanied by constant fatigue.


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