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  • Ultra-concentrated pre-training formula
  • Massive power, endurance and vascularization
  • Only the most powerful ingredients
  • and effective doses
RRP: £54.98 NOW: £27.99

Are you a fitness professional? Training hard? Cracked a major routine? Tried everysupplement but they don’t seem to be working or giving you the results you expected. Make room for the best new product on the market: S.A.W.

S.A.W. Super Anabolic Workout is an ultra-concentrated formula for sports professionals. The anabolic properties boost the bulk of exercising muscles by providing extra oxygen, nutrition and growth impulses straight to the muscle fibres.

If you are serious about your sport, and need to gain extra muscle as well as power and energy during your workouts, S.A.W will not let you down.

The incredibly high concentrate of active ingredients in Super Anabolic Workout makes this the strongest and most powerful pre training supplement ever produced by Trec Nutrition.

S.A.W is sugar free, additive free and filler free, it’s literally pure concentrated power for sport.

A mixture of powerful active ingredients including polyphenols found in apples and grapes, which activate the enzymes in the body which regular the production of Nitrogen Oxide. This means the level of vascularisation is maintained for a longer period through S.A.W. than other products.

Muscles are pumped and supplied with a regular blood supply through the workout, energy and power is increased and maintained, fatigue is reduced and so is acidification. During your workout,you will feel more focused, senses will heighten, and you will find clarity to concentrate on attaining the best results through hard exercise. No longer will you feel that uncomfortable after-workout muscle burn. Due to the increase in muscle volume, your metabolic rate will escalate, burning more calories. A blast of high intensity exercise causes a rapid increase in the metabolism of muscle cells.

Forget all other products. If you need genuine results, want to train harder for longer, and need to see the outcome fast, choose the strongest universal Pre Training supplement for Sports professionals, Super Anabolic Workout S.A.W. from Trec Nutrition.


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Customer Reviews

  1. Worth the money

    Im up for using this again and again. Prefer the powder to the capsules.. easier to digest. Thanks Trec!

    Review by Frankie on 31st January 2012

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    Ah, i see. Well that's not too tirkcy at all!"

    Review by Tish on 16th November 2011

  3. hqMsfEJPMjmnrZp

    Kudos to you! I hadn't tuhoght of that!

    Review by Jazlyn on 15th November 2011

  4. xXgYrsHfkDLO

    Your asnewr was just what I needed. It's made my day!

    Review by Kethan on 15th November 2011

  5. XqcXWoZcTW

    None can doubt the veracity of this arctile.

    Review by Jailen on 15th November 2011

  6. Very good!

    I've tried many NO pre-workout supps in my life. Most are giving me stomache and bowel problems.

    This one doesn't. It gives me lots of energy, focus and training aggression.

    It IS very potent. If I take 1 little scoop after 6PM I have problems sleeping...


    Review by Dieter on 30th October 2011

  7. FTW :s

    Dont take this it almost killed me!!!

    Review by Jason Phillips on 26th September 2011

  8. FTW :s

    I almost died, do not take this it is very dangerous!!!

    Review by Jason Phillips on 26th September 2011

  9. This is insane! Forget Jack3d!

    Seriously, this is the best training aid out there for energy concentration and extra added game! Everything is 25% to 50% better, the only problem is you start finding new exercises and training for longer as well as harder!

    I LOVE this stuff!

    Review by Toby Coughlan on 19th September 2011

  10. Amazing!

    This is by far the best booster I've taken, it's head down and lift more than before stuff! Highly recommend it, find training without just isn't the same!

    Review by Toby Coughlan on 18th September 2011

  11. WOW this stuff works !!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Review by stephen robson on 8th September 2011

  12. Caution - Strong!

    Took some in the office, 30 minutes before my hour lunch/gym session - after 10 minutes my hands, legs and even face were tingling! I shot to the gym early.

    It certainly put's your body into a state of action and I've never found the need for more than 2 scoops. It's quite simply, beastly. 5*

    Review by Andy on 5th September 2011

  13. good good

    And good again

    Review by James on 14th August 2011

  14. Great Product!!

    Used to you Jack 3D and found it gave me good energy. But with this product i found the energy wasn't amazing crazy!! But really help me in my work out! Also the pumps you gain was incredible. My muscles were extremely pumped through out my work out. Also after using it no side affects or anything. Great Product! Glad i bought it. Also the cherry Aroma is really nice to drink!! Thanks Trec!!!

    Review by Gavin Thomas on 7th August 2011

  15. Good!!

    Its working for me

    Review by Mohammed Ramz on 28th July 2011

  16. AMAZING!!!

    Don't look any further than this product. WOW!! If theres anything that is as close to steroids, is this!!

    Trust me, if you've ever tried No Xplode, Jack3d or any other muscle bursting supplement look no further. I'll be honest, im a seasoned body builder. If there's a supplement out there that claims to get big quick, i've probably tried it and i can tell you this, not all of them work. I have to say, S.A.W is a real deal. This stuff gets you buzzin, gets you focused, gets you pumped, gets you big, you name it, it does it!! And no, i havent been paid to make this review. I say it the way it is. If there is a great product out there, i wanna know about it, so im just telling you exactly what ive experienced from S.A.W.

    Try it, you won't be let down!! But WARNING... this is serious stuff, if your'e not into massive bodybuilding then stay off it. Its really only for those looking to get serious muscle gain quick with seriously good results.

    Review by Neil on 27th July 2011

  17. absolutely fantastic!

    Fantastic, tastes great, does what it says in the description, never been more satisfied with a supplement!

    Review by Darryl on 21st July 2011

  18. Trec Nutrition SAW vs USP JACK3D

    I was told this was better than JACK3D. I've used it for 3 weeks and im happy with the results so far. :-)

    Review by Big T on 19th July 2011

  19. The best

    100% true. It really is the best

    Review by Steven on 24th May 2011

  20. Super Workout

    doesnt taste great but gets the job done.

    Review by john on 14th February 2011

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