Safety & Legal Compliance

TREC NUTRITION management are extremely concerned with the legality and safety of the products, that is why the mission of the company is delivering the best, the most effective and the safest diet supplements and sports nutrition products. To us, the highest value is human health, and we accept no compromise here, as human health is more important than a moment of satisfaction! For t3 years now, TREC has been an active member of the Polish Council for Supplements and Nutritional Foods-an organisation which represents and supervises its members-the largest manufacturers of diet supplements and is also the coordinator and review board for new legal acts, as well as hygiene and sanitary regulations both on the domestic level and also – via cooperation with EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)-in the European forum.

Apart from great concern with product quality and safety, the company does not forget about other aspects influencing its activities and shows exceptional organizational etiquette, also in such fields as preserving natural environment and work hygiene and safety.

As the leader in its industry, not only does TREC supports body builders (including Tomasz Bobrowski, the vice champion of Poland and David Geler-Mr Ireland), but also athletes involved in other sports. In 2006 TREC became the main sponsor of Polish Champions-Gdynia team Arka Rugby Gdynia. What is more, the company actively supports Mariusz Ciesielinski-Muay Thai World Champion.

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