Product Quality

Products by TREC NUTRITION contain the best active components in high doses at reasonable prices. Why are they not the cheapest on the market? Because we NEVER compromise quality to reduce costs. Our top priority is high quality with compromise!!! Today, TREC NUTRITION offers its customers a range of products that is the broadest, offers the best quality and has the most competitive prices on the market. The experience which the company has gained for years of co-operation with the best shops specializing in the sales of sports nutrition has made it possible for the firm to prepare a professional and complex response to the growing demands of the market.


The suppliers of the products for TREC NUTRITION include world’s best laboratories recommended by the leaders in the supplement industry, and supervised by regulatory authorities including FDA (Food & Drug Agency). FDA certificate guarantees health and safety of the products. The same components which are supplied to TREC NUTRITION are also used by other American companies, such as: Weider, EAS, Met-Rx, Prolab & twin-Lab.

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