Perfect Whey Protein - 2.5kg - 83 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • High Quality Complete Whey Protein Blend
  • Anabolism enhanching - Muscle Building
  • 65,000mg of amino acids
  • 66g of protein per daily serving
  • Only 3g of carbs & 1.5g of fat per portion
RRP: £87.49 NOW: £59.99
Out of Stock

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Currently the best whey protein powder available on the market. The reason why its the best whey protein powder is because its so easily absorbed by the body & absolutely perfect for everyday use. If you are training you will most definately need to increase your whey protein intake. Not taking enough whey protein will also result in loss of muscle tissue. You will also notice a slower recovery rate and less energy too. Perfect whey protein powder has the perfect nutrition which show the following advantages:Increases in strengthSupports fat lossIncrease in high quality lean muscle massIncrease in Energy Fast recovery ratesCurrently the best whey protein powder on the marketPerfect Whey Protein powder is enriched with high concentrations of the best glutamine and BCAAs therefore it is mainly used for fast recovery rate and protection of muscle tissue. Perfect Whey protein powder has been voted the best whey protein powder and is a must have in anyones daily diet, especially if you are involved in sports activity.


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Customer Reviews

  1. nthing better than this

    this product is best got really serious growth frm this highly recommended

    Review by manjodh singh on 16th June 2011

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  2. Tastes just like sugar

    This product is a little too sweet for my liking and it does not disolve as well as the vanilla flavored mixed. This product is best mixed with milk vs. water to tame some of the sweetness.

    Review by Dawid on 14th September 2010

  3. Artificial flavour a little too obvious

    Pricing is not bad for this protein powder but the taste is so obviously artificial. If you can't endure bad taste, beware. I trust that the whey protein I'm getting is enough for my daily needs. Aside from the taste, I could not complain anymore.

    Review by R J Caine on 14th September 2010

  4. Ok Product

    It doesnt tastes as great as everybody claims it does. I found others have a better taste. In terms of results, I dont see much of it, mainly because i am still in the first month of using it? Everything else ok right now. If I have a better opinion than just the taste, I will drop by later.

    Review by C Chau on 14th September 2010

  5. Good but a little bland

    This is a great whey protein product, but it doesn't have much flavor. If you want something that doesn't taste like much, then this is the product for you, but if you want something that can be an enjoyable drink everyday, then definitely get the chocolate flavor. I ordered the chocolate first and really liked it, but then I ordered the vanilla to try something different, and I don't really care for it. Chocolate was "whey" better!!!!

    Review by David A on 14th September 2010

  6. Tastes good and improves endurance

    For all you buff, rough, and tuff athletes out there, this is an excellent source of protein to get you boosted up for your game! Need a little extra edge? This protein supplement comes in chocolate, vanilla and flavourless. I know, I use this stuff and I think it's really improved my endurance for both my tennis game and my three times a week five mile jogs.

    Review by Anna Hoffman on 14th September 2010

  7. Great, but it makes me gassy

    It tastes alright, but the problem is that it makes me gassy. Try a smaller quantity first to see if you get the same reaction!

    Review by Erik on 14th September 2010

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