Night Protein blend - 750g - 18 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • Anti-Catabolic Caseinate Protein
  • Egg Protein & Peptide Glutamine Complex
  • Slow Absorption - Pudding Form
  • 60g of protein per daily serving
  • Only 0.7g of fat per serving
RRP: £35.25 NOW: £24.99
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NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is the Best Casein Protein Supplement. This protein is a high-quality milk protein complex that contains easily soluble caseinates and l-glutamine peptide. NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is a dietary supplement recommended especially for bodybuilders and strength athletes, who want to gain high-quality muscles. This casein protein supplement is also an excellent protein powder for individuals during recoveryFor many hours, this special protein supplement prevents negative catabolic process which contributes to muscle tissue degeneration. This long-term anticatabolic activity is achieved thanks to a unique process of releasing amino acids to the bloodstream even for 7 hours after consumption. Thus, NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is an ideal supplement to use in the period of a few hours' break in providing essential nutrients which takes place during a few hours' sleep. Additionally, the supplement is enriched in glutamine - the most important amino acid that builds muscles; it appears in the form of the best assimilable l-glutamine peptide. Glutamine shows a strong activity of increasing the secretion of natural growth hormone (HG), whch enables quicker regeneration in sleep. The formula is enriched in a vitamin complex that supports your body's metabolic processes.NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND guarantees effective muscle gain.


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Customer Reviews

  1. cqFbEvNMLtXQveRk

    Now that’s sbulte! Great to hear from you.

    Review by Delly on 4th July 2011

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  2. Nothing to compare it to

    The consistency and taste of this, when used with skim milk, is thick and with a slight chalky taste. However, with that being said, I have nothing to compare this to except with whey. This brand is the first brand I tried with casein protein and I have only ordered it twice. I mainly use whey for most of my protein drinks.

    Review by Kirk P on 14th September 2010

  3. Tasty!

    I like's yummy and i got it because my trainer said that it keeps you fuller a lot longer than whey protein. he was right.

    Review by Katy Dennison on 14th September 2010

  4. Great product tastes ok

    I'm a big fan of Trec products. I love their 100% Whey. I buy the Night Protein Blend for a quick shake before bed. I mix it with a blender because it is much thicker that Whey. Not the greatest taste but not horrible either. Get's the job done.

    Review by J golding on 14th September 2010

  5. Good Taste

    Personally i thought the casein tastes good. I mix it into oatmeal occasionally and into protein shakes with a blender using ice and milk and it dissolves well, tastes pretty good. Get a blender and this stuff works great. If you're serious about your protein I'd highly recommend this for before bed and when post/pre workout isn't coming, I also find that it fills me up a bit more than whey would.

    Review by Michael J Ginder on 14th September 2010

  6. Amazing

    Purchased this for my husband and he loves it. Great price and fast shipping. He said vanilla is amazing. It mixes very easily and tastes even better when blended with fruits. Taking casein protein before bed is important since most muscle rebuilding occurs while you sleep. My husband use to get sore the next day after tough workouts, but after taking casein before bed he did not get sore and he noticed faster strength gains. I would recommend this product, its amazing!

    Review by M Jost on 14th September 2010

  7. Good Stuff!!

    Great product! Buy it it with Whey Protein and you're set. This brand offers the best Protein out there.

    Review by E Gasmin on 14th September 2010

  8. Excellent Product

    Excellent product for before bedtime nutrition. Take with milk and you can't even tell its a protein shake.

    Review by Dawid on 14th September 2010

  9. Great Stuff

    Highest quality protein for a great price. I bought this b/c it has a lot of protein per serving with out a lot of calories, fat, carbs, or sugar. Tastes great, works well with fruit smoothies. Be careful with mixers because acid causes casein protein to thicken up, turning almost to pudding. Stick with non-acidic mixers like cranberry or black currant juice and you'll be fine. It's not bad mixed with plain water, it does get a little thick and has a bit of a grainy texture but that is the nature of casein protein.

    Review by Z King on 14th September 2010

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