Night Protein blend - 1.5kg - 37 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • Anti-Catabolic Caseinate Protein
  • Egg Protein & Peptide Glutamine Complex
  • Slow Absorption - Pudding Form
  • 60g of protein per daily serving
  • Only 0.7g of fat per serving
RRP: £63.75 NOW: £44.99
Out of Stock

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NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is the Best Casein Protein Supplement. This protein is a high-quality milk protein complex that contains easily soluble caseinates and l-glutamine peptide. NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is a dietary supplement recommended especially for bodybuilders and strength athletes, who want to gain high-quality muscles. This casein protein supplement is also an excellent protein powder for individuals during recoveryFor many hours, this special protein supplement prevents negative catabolic process which contributes to muscle tissue degeneration. This long-term anticatabolic activity is achieved thanks to a unique process of releasing amino acids to the bloodstream even for 7 hours after consumption. Thus, NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is an ideal supplement to use in the period of a few hours' break in providing essential nutrients which takes place during a few hours' sleep. Additionally, the supplement is enriched in glutamine - the most important amino acid that builds muscles; it appears in the form of the best assimilable l-glutamine peptide. Glutamine shows a strong activity of increasing the secretion of natural growth hormone (HG), whch enables quicker regeneration in sleep. The formula is enriched in a vitamin complex that supports your body's metabolic processes.NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND guarantees effective muscle gain.


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Customer Reviews

  1. Protein

    It does not taste great. but im sure its helps alot with muscle recovery and that stuff. slow release protein so take before sleeping, but not great taste.

    Review by Ivan Yue on 20th September 2010

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  2. Miles Aron

    I love Trec's Casein Protein but the vanilla flavor is awful. I would recommend the chocolate flavor.

    Review by Get a different flavor on 20th September 2010

  3. Great Stuff

    Trec provides a good quality protein at a more economical price than most brands, but yet doesn't skimp on the quality. The Casein chocolate flavor is one of the best tasting chocolate protein powders on the market. It is thick and flavorful and I would drink it as a shake even if it wasn't a protein drink. If I had to make any improvements it would be on how easily the powder mixes. Although better than most powders on the market I would recommend a shaker if not a blender. Mixing by spoon in a glass does fairly well but you can sometimes end up with clumps. Mixes great with milk, water, yogurt, and all other things I've tried. Goes great with many shake recipes.

    Review by Justin Falk on 20th September 2010

  4. Good Product & Good Taste

    After doing Trec now for a few months I and using this about an hour before bedtime. I recommend using cold water. It seems to dissolve better in very cold water. Milk seems to make it a gassy combination.

    Review by A Samuel on 20th September 2010

  5. Excellent Product

    If you have looked into protein supplements then you are familiar with this type. Taste good for the most part, a little hard to mix with a spoon or fork but that is to be expected.

    I have not tried any of the other Casein products.

    Review by J. Snopko on 20th September 2010

  6. H. Tolley

    Casein is a great, long-lasting protein, perfect for right before bed as its aminos are release more slowly than whey. Casein, in general, is bland (think no fat, no salt, cottage cheese), and harder to mix than whey. Trec has here a decent casein, that is not too bad tasting and mixes better than most every other casein I've tried. The price is ok, but I'd like to see it cheaper (who wouldn't?). I mix it with whey and use it throughout the day. I have tried and rejected the chocolate flavor.

    Review by Casein on 20th September 2010

  7. Get a different flavour

    I love this products but the vanilla flavor is awful. I would recommend the chocolate flavor.

    Review by Miles Aron on 14th September 2010

  8. Good slow reacting protein

    Great deal for the money, wished it mixed a little better. But overall very satisfied with the powder.

    Review by Mace on 14th September 2010

  9. Not such a great taste

    I am using it for appetite control. It works pretty good for that. I sweeten it and then to slam it down immediately, before it has time to thicken.

    Review by K Mooney on 14th September 2010

  10. Great product

    I'm a chocolate lover and this chocolate has a pretty good flavor, smooth. It is a mild chocolate flavor and the casein is slightly granular however, it becomes less noticeable if you let the shake sit for several minutes after it's made. I use non-fat milk and add a tablespoon of grape seed oil. This way you get healthy fat in your diet (no cholesterol) and it makes it taste even better. In addition, the fat lowers the glycemic index so you get sustained energy. You can add oatmeal but the shake is pretty thick with just the casein. Overall it is a very good product!

    Review by Samuel H Tunes on 14th September 2010

  11. Great product

    I rate this product five stars because of the quality of the protein. It can be a bit rough downing it when mixed with water. It tastes like a milk shake when mixed with a milk or soy milk. Keeps me full throughout the night and allows my muscles to recover from working out. If your concerned with taste, the chocolate in my opinion was the best flavor.

    Review by B King on 14th September 2010

  12. Wonderful

    Love this product. Prior to purchasing this product I had only had their whey protein and the consistency of the casein is much different. I would describe it as pre-refridgerated chocolate instant pudding. But I do find it keeps me very full for much longer than the whey protein. Definitely a good buy for the price and you can't go wrong with this!

    Review by Emily M on 14th September 2010

  13. Ultimate night recovery protein

    Very good taste, lets you recover from body pains overnight. May help you to lose weight if you manage to eat less and take this drink before going to bed.

    Review by V Reddy on 14th September 2010

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