Max Carb - 1kg - 20 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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RRP: £14.99 NOW: £9.99
  • increase in strength, energy & endurance
  • Rocket fuel for your muscles
  • 100% Pure Carbohydrates Complex
  • High blend of Minerals & Carbs
  • Sugar FREE!!!!
RRP: £14.99 NOW: £9.99

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MAX CARB is a currently the best energy and recovery drink available in the world. Carbohydrate concentrate powder intended for athletes burdened with considerable great physical effort, especially in endurance sports (team games, running, cycling etc.) as well as power and strength sports. MAX CARB energy and recovery drink is a high-carbohydrate dietary supplement providing an excellent source of energy. MAX CARB contains a special composition of simple carbohydrates (glucose) as well as complex carbohydrates (maltodextrines) providing constant replenishment of energy, which is wasted during physical activity, and keeping adequate blood glucose level, which is extremely good at preventing fatigue.

Additionally, MAX CARB is enriched in minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium) controlling water and electrolyte balance in the body. When supplied during a workout, these minerals effectively supplycomplete electrolytes lost in, which are perspirationed, and regulate muscle contractions. Besides, they guarantee the full utilization of energy provided with MAX CARB by taking part in glucose metabolism.MAX CARB is an easily soluble lemon concentrate. It quenches thirst and as well as effectively preventing dehydration and fatigue. MAX CARB recovery and energy drink results in immediate strength, energy, and endurance increase.


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