Mass XXL - 1kg - 20 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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RRP: £21.99 NOW: £14.99
  • 1100 Calories Per Daily Serving
  • 56g of Protein per Daily serving
  • Only 1.25g of fat per 100g
  • Award winning Best taste supplement
  • complete anabolic weight gain formula
RRP: £21.99 NOW: £14.99

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So you're training hard in the gym and you find you can't gain any more muscle mass. There are many reasons why this could be happening.

- Your diet is not supplemented with the correct protein rich foods to build muscle mass.
- Your workouts are not intense enough
- Your recovery rate is slow

Mass XXL is a mass gainer which is unrivalled and is intended for athletes who want to gain muscle mass quickly and increase energy levels during workouts. This mass gainer consists of high-quality 80% whey protein and well-balanced selection of dextrose and vitamins which aid in fast muscle mass.

By taking Mass XXL mass gainer 3 times a day you will see considerable changes within a matter of days.

Here are the main advantages when taking Mass XXL Mass Gainer:

- Intensify your workouts
- Rapid Gains in muscle mass
- Fast recovery rates when taken with L-Glutamine Extreme
- Regenerates and protects muscle tissue

Is Mass XXL the right gainer for me?

If you are serious about building muscle mass then Trec Nutrition's Mass XXL is certainly the right product for you. We recommend you take this mass gainer 2-3 times per day (between meals) and most importantly immediately after training (within 10 mins)


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    Review by ctxtfrkujpf on 7th August 2011

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  2. seo

    Wow this information is great! Thanks this has helped me alot! Im sure your post's are one of the best out there! always
    so acurate!

    Review by zeroxtrpo on 30th April 2011

  3. seo

    Wow this information is great! Thanks this has helped me alot! Im sure your post's are one of the best out there! always
    so acurate!

    Review by zeroxtrpo on 30th April 2011

  4. good cheap gainer

    Product shipped fast, tastes good, and was cheap. Also I have been takin this fairly steady and not put on unwanted fat which is good.

    Review by Tomasz on 13th September 2010

  5. Good taste, easy to digest and effective

    This product is one of the best and proven, and you gain lean muscle. Digestion is almost perfect, no gas, no stomach-ache, without cramping. It contains much sugar as most of the winners of weight that only make you fat. Want a defined dense muscle? this is the product. For its price and size is the best buy so far.

    Review by Miguel Balda on 13th September 2010

  6. The Only Opt

    This is the greatest why protein you can buy. Not only do the flavours taste great, but it also has easily digestable protein. I can't believe that this product is so cheap, it is the best out there, and the cheapest on the market. BUY IT.

    Review by Pavel on 13th September 2010

  7. Quality Protein for Good Price = Value

    I'm an amateur body-builder on a budget. Most body-building experts suggest a minimum of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. That's a lot. I used to eat several cans of albacore (tuna) to achieve the protein requirement but got concerened about Mercury levels in my body from eating all that tuna. Plus, you can only eat so much before you just get sick of it. This product makes getting all the protein one needs a breeze and at a cost signicantly less than that of tuna or any store bought food. In fact if there's a better grams-of-protein-per-dollar value available, someone please let me know about it! And from what I've read, Whey is the way (no pun intended) to go as far as protein supplements. Lastly, I think it tastes pretty good (close to chocolate milk) too, and doesn't have a lot (any?) of sugar, although it's hard to avoid clumps without a blender.

    Review by Peter Groombridge on 13th September 2010

  8. Tastes Great - but a little on the sweet side

    This stuff tastes Great ( I've used both Chocolate and Strawberry mixed in with Milk ). My only complaint is that they are a little on the sweet side. Amazon does not mention this and it is not spelled out on the container itself .

    Review by Kevin M. Hubbard on 13th September 2010

  9. Declicious strawberry flavor and balanced nutrition

    This is the most delicious strawberry protein I have tried. And I have tried a lot of strawberry proteins from EAS, Myoplex, MetRX. But Mass XXL is the best. And it already has a well balanced mix of carbohidrates, protein and good fats. All you have to do is add cold water. Just great!!

    Review by Ricardo J. Parada on 13th September 2010

  10. good stuff!

    I bought this product for my daughter who had lost a lot of weight after jaw surgery that had left her mouth wired shut for 6 weeks. It helped and according to this picky teenager, it tasted pretty good.

    Review by Lauren Andrews on 13th September 2010

  11. MASS XXL


    Review by john on 13th September 2010

  12., not so much...

    May work as a weight gainer, but the vanilla has an odd smell and weird after-taste. I tried the Syntha-6 by BSN in chocolate, and man that was not as good! Somebody let me know if the chocolate flavor is as good. Say no to the vanilla.

    Review by Heston G. Hurley on 13th September 2010

  13. Great :)

    I love this! it's the 2cond weight gainer I try but I've also tried some pretty bad taste shakes etc and the chocolate flavor is really yummy. I put a banana, rice milk and the result is a delicious cold drink ;) Also it doesn't give me the bloated feeling so I can still eat a little more solid foods after drinking it.

    Review by Michael Angelus on 13th September 2010

  14. Awesome Product

    I love this product. Mixes great, tastes better. It has awesome nutritional value with the vitamins, calories, and protein. My only bad thing - could be a little cheaper but that's all! Enjoy!

    Review by Justin on 13th September 2010

  15. Not the best

    The product seems to offer a big bang for your money. The taste is okay at best on a good day. I have had better, much better. I used to use Optimum Nutrition but this his better than that. As for the protein content, use maximum scoops they recommend and that gives you well over 600 calories plus any additional cals from the drink (milk) you put it in.

    Review by J. L. Brewster on 13th September 2010

  16. Good Stuff

    This is my 4th bag of this stuff and i really like it alot. The taste is just so good and not too sweet. I use 2 scoops instead of 3. I havent noticed any major gains with it but its gonna be the same no matter what you take protein wise. Use this to suppliment your whole foods when trying to reach your calorie goals.

    Review by David G. Pearson on 13th September 2010


    I am 18 years old and am heavy into bodybuilding. I wanted to try this stuff, because of all the good reviews. I got the Pinacolada. God almighty, it tasted HORRIBLE! so sweet I could not even drink it. I tried it in water, milk, and chocolate soy milk. It was just so sweet I coulndt even drink half of it. I'm giving this product 3 stars for the benefit of the doubt,and I plan on buying either chocolate or strawberry instead. From what I've read, those seem to be very good. However, do not buy the Pinacolada flavor, unless you love INSANELY sweet things.

    Review by Steven R on 13th September 2010

  18. Best gainer I've tried

    I've tried many weight gainers over the years and this one is amazing. It mixes super easily in any amount of water without any residue or particles. It tastes great, like a real milkshake. It doesn't fill you up or leave you bloated, apparently that's how it kickstarts your body's anabolic processes. The fact that it isn't heavy or bloating also allows you to keep eating and really pack on those calories you need to build.

    Review by Fin Hall on 13th September 2010

  19. Love It Man

    I've always been naturally thin and drop dead gorgeous ha ha just kidding. I've been taking Mass XXL for a month now and have gained 5 pounds of muscle, which before, would have been impossible to do. The recommended scoops blend easily with milk or water, unlike other generic weight gainers, that throw in a shovel with their product, and the ending shake feels like mud going down your throat. I don't get that bloated, gassy feeling like I got after drinking muscle milk. This is a great product and ships fast! I recommend the vanilla flavor just because of its versatility. Mix it with a little chocolate syrup and two cups of milk and get a 1,000 calorie shake.

    Review by Charlie Main on 13th September 2010

  20. .Good product

    I have been impressed with this product within 1 month of using it, however I have now swicthed to "Ultimate protein" as I want to build as much muscle as I can while burning fat.

    Review by Trev on 1st August 2010

  21. Best Pre & Post Workout Weight Gainer

    This is by far the best weight gainer for me. I've used many in the past with no results. Mass XXL does what is says on the tin!!

    Review by Tony on 8th March 2010

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