Magnum 8000 - 1kg - 14 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • High Protein Mass Gainer
  • Mass Builder with Creatine, MCT oil & more!!
  • 1143 Calories per daily serving
  • 39g of protein per daily serving
  • Great Formula for hard gainers
RRP: £19.99 NOW: £13.99

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Now with Magnum 8000 Weight Gainer anyone can achieve fast weight gain. If you've been under weight all your life or lost a lot of weight recently then this weight gainer is for you.One of the most important things to remember when gaining weight is to make sure that your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients from all the foods you eat. Most people think that they just need to eat more and more and they will gain weight. This is not the case. If your body is not absorbing the correct nutrients then you will never gain weight. At Trec, we understand that this can be extremely frustrating. Trec Nutrition's Magnum 8000 Weight Gainer has all the correct nutrients which are specifically tailor-made to ensure weight gains in a matter of weeks. By taking this product you will not only see fast results in a few weeks but you will also have more energy in your workouts. Here are the key points when gaining weight:Eat healthy nutritious foods at least 3 times per day.Supplement your daily diet by taking Magnum Weight Gainer Supplement in between meals (approx 2-3 times per day)Take part in some kind of resistance training which will help gain weight, muscle and size quicker.Is the Magnum 8000 Weight Gainer the right supplement for me?Whether you are involved in sports or not, if you have a fast metabolism and you are looking to bulk up quick then this is the weight gainer for you.


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Customer Reviews

  1. Good Gainer but choose banana or chocolate

    Good gainer but caramel & vanilla is difficult to get it down

    Review by Christian on 22nd July 2011

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  2. good


    Review by curtis on 29th October 2010

  3. Tastes horrible

    Very bitter taste, I couldn't finish more than a few sips. Maybe if you mixed it with something it'd be better, but I don't really care to since there are better flavors.

    Review by Matthew Kemp on 13th September 2010

  4. Tastes good, high protein, but unnecessarily unhealthy

    This is the best-tasting protein mix I have used. However, the recommended dosage provides a good amount of protein but too much cholesterol.

    There are many protein mixes out there that provide similar amounts of lean protein without the same ridiculous amount of cholesterol. If you are comfortable ignoring that aspect of your diet, go for this one. If that concerns you, then I would look elsewhere.

    Review by Gautam Ganguli on 13th September 2010

  5. Fast Metabolism, under weight

    I'm 6'0 134 pounds. I WAS 6'0 118 pounds. I WAS 14 pounds underweight for the Marines, and I have 6months to gain the needed weight. I purchased this stuff about 2 months ago and changed my diet to a high calorie diet. I went from 2000 calories to about 5000+. I take the scoops with a 16oz glass of whole milk. Drink three of these a day morning, post workout, before bed, and eat a healthy diet you are on your way to gaining weight. I had and still have a very fast metabolism if I miss a meal or slack one day I'll lose a pound or two. If you have a fast metabolism like me then this still WILL work if you do everything else properly IE diet, exercise... Also stay away from processed sugars. I found out that this slows down your digestive system and will cause your body to run off your reserve fat or eat muscle tissue, and if you are gaining weight this will only hurt you. Also (sorry I keep remembering new things to add as I go) turn your 3 meals a day into 6 smaller meals.

    Review by C. Peele on 13th September 2010

  6. Works great -- taste is alright

    So this works well. If you use it before you go to bed and after every work outs, then you will gain weight and muscle where it counts.

    However -- the taste, which is alright at first just gets annoying. To me it taste like vanilla cake batter.
    Get yourself a shaker. as it doesn't dissolve too well, so without a shaker you will get clumps.

    Review by Dantes on 13th September 2010

  7. Worked fairly w

    First off, this stuff tastes good. If you mix it with milk, its pretty much like a milkshake. If you take this product enough, you will gain size (after all, excess calories means more mass). Overall this product is pretty good.

    Review by X. Huang on 13th September 2010

  8. YUMMM and WORKS!

    I am currently on my 2nd bag of Magnum 8000. I tried the Chocolate the first time and was googd. This stuff work well, I take it right after my workout. Before taking it I weighed 143lbs ( I am 6'1" ) In about a month I have gained 9 lbs of lean muscle. I workout 4 days a week pretty intense and take minimum of 2 shakes a day. One after workout and one right before bed. This stuff works! Dont forget you need to eat healthy and have 5-6 meals a day. A shake counts as 1 meal. Follow the guidelines, workout, and eat enough and you will see gains very fast!

    Review by Timothy on 13th September 2010

  9. Stephen Pettitt

    The ingredients they put in this stuff really helps out a lot with gaining muscle. I can easily notice the difference in gains once I started using this product. The downside is it doesnt taste good AT ALL. I plug my nose and chug.

    Review by Great ingredients, Bad taste on 13th September 2010

  10. Best gainer so far.........,

    I have tried many protein weight gainers and I like this one the best. Seriously, don't be fooled by others and especially the more expensive gainers, there is no need and most taste terrible or are to thick to drink or even fit into your shaker or blender. Trec Nutrition also has the best price currently, so I hope they keep that going. This brand also does not give me stomach issues like some others do. I gained 13 pounds of muscle using this product 3 times a day, working out, and eating 3 meals. I recommend this to all of you other hard gainers out there looking to put on some size.

    Review by Jan Jozef on 13th September 2010

  11. best taste but need to know mix technique

    Magnum 8000 is best taste and perfect for person who want to gain muscles. Suggest that need to mix with warm or hot water first then add cold water or milk. Otherwise powders are floating.

    Review by P. Kyaw on 13th September 2010

  12. If used inteligently, the product is great

    Hello I am considered a hard-gainer and am in the process of putting on the bodyweight to increase my lean muscle mass. At this point I am only using a SINGLE serving a day (4 scoops with milk). This is all that is required for staying about 500 calories above my basal metabolic rate (go above it and you will gain weight, go below it and you will lose weight). I calculate this value every month because I notice my caloric requirements increase as I gain in weight. I also evenly space 5-6 frequent meals 300-400 calories. During workout days I drink whey protein for muscle repair along w/ L-glutamate after the workout. I keep my workouts simple HEAVY compound movements (ie. squats, deadlift, bench, military press). Starting this product at 185 lbs after a month I am already up to a a little over 200 lbs with a very noticable increase in my arm size, leg size, chest and shoulder size, and I must admit waist size. But that is a small price to pay for such great gains. When I feel like I am getting a bit TOO big I suppose I'll start cutting back on a fat burning routine, aside from that this is a great product if utilized right.

    Review by Jason Antonio on 13th September 2010

  13. Good stuff

    Good working stuff. Only good for post workout to get some healthy carbs and calories in. If you take it the way they suggest you will just get a stomach because the carbs hide out there. So I would suggest this product for post-workout and then just up your calorie/fat/carb intake with an increased balanced diet.

    Review by Joshua Earl Mangum on 13th September 2010

  14. Good Product

    I used this product after my workout and gained about 10 pounds of muscle in a 3 week span. It tastes great, but it is somewhat difficult to dissolve in a shaker. Good product for those who train hard. My muscles healed much more quickly when I used cytogainer. I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't train with high intensity because it is too expensive and it could add unwanted fat. Overall, a great post-workout supplement for high intensity trainers.

    Review by Maciej P on 13th September 2010

  15. Fast and efficient

    Quick delivery, very pleased with the order and will be ordering again very soon. thankyou!

    Review by Callum on 30th July 2010

  16. very pleased with the order

    Quick delivery, good value for money, very pleased with the order and will probably order again, but would go for natural and maybe put chocolate milkshake in so not so strong.

    Review by Jyp on 30th July 2010

  17. Gaining happy!!

    i was very plesaed with this purchase, although next time i buy this item i think i will go with strawberry as the chocolate flavour was a bit rich. overall, best product of it's type in my opinion.

    Review by Jordanmbell on 30th July 2010

  18. Good Protein Gainer

    Bought this for my son who looking to put on some muscle mass. Hes been taking this for nearly 5 weeks now and you can already tell the difference. Does exactly what it says on the tin...good job at a good price. Will be re-ordering very soon guys.

    Review by Dr Goldberg on 30th July 2010

  19. Best Weight Gainer ever!

    So happy with the results of Magnum 8000. I've tried various weight gainers and this has to be the most effective. I have to thank my friend who recommended this product to me. Cheers!!

    Review by Tony on 19th February 2010

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