Magnum 8000 - 1.6kg - 23 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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RRP: £28.25 NOW: £21.99
  • High Protein Mass Gainer
  • Mass Builder with Creatine, MCT oil & more!!
  • 1143 Calories per daily serving
  • 39g of protein per daily serving
  • Great Formula for hard gainers
RRP: £28.25 NOW: £21.99

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Now with Magnum 8000 Weight Gainer anyone can achieve fast weight gain. If you've been under weight all your life or lost a lot of weight recently then this weight gainer is for you.One of the most important things to remember when gaining weight is to make sure that your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients from all the foods you eat. Most people think that they just need to eat more and more and they will gain weight. This is not the case. If your body is not absorbing the correct nutrients then you will never gain weight. At Trec, we understand that this can be extremely frustrating. Trec Nutrition's Magnum 8000 Weight Gainer has all the correct nutrients which are specifically tailor-made to ensure weight gains in a matter of weeks. By taking this product you will not only see fast results in a few weeks but you will also have more energy in your workouts. Here are the key points when gaining weight:Eat healthy nutritious foods at least 3 times per day.Supplement your daily diet by taking Magnum Weight Gainer Supplement in between meals (approx 2-3 times per day)Take part in some kind of resistance training which will help gain weight, muscle and size quicker.Is the Magnum 8000 Weight Gainer the right supplement for me?Whether you are involved in sports or not, if you have a fast metabolism and you are looking to bulk up quick then this is the weight gainer for you.


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  16. Not great flavours

    I have used this for a while and decided to try another flavour, thinking it would be of the same quality. I was way wrong, the banana tastes great, but the strawberry is awful to me. It has a chemical taste and I have to mix it with other flavors to get it down. It still mixes well and has all the nutritional content you'd expect, but it tastes terrible.

    Review by Feliks on 13th September 2010

  17. Works but tastes bad

    It has all the right ingredients and does what it advertises but I much rather spend my cold hard cash on something that tastes much better! And it even works better in my opinion.

    Review by Thomas J. Luca on 13th September 2010

  18. Really nice flavor

    This stuff is great for the money it mixes great with my hand mixer tste wonderful not chalky. i plan on getting more of them in different flavors. and a lot cheaper the vitiman shoppe or any other retailer. ty amazon

    Review by Jakub on 13th September 2010

  19. Tasty Magnum 8000

    I have used this product with success, but the physical results are not why I am reviewing this. For your average guy working hard to get into shape, finding a protein shake that you can stomach can be hard. For other flavors and shakes, I would have to make them in milk with ice in the shaker to dilute and chill the taste. This one tastes great!

    Review by G. A. Foran on 13th September 2010

  20. Taste great/ Dissolves fast

    I bought one and love it. When i mix with milk it tastes like a shake! I mostly mix with water for convenience and still tastes pretty good. My all time favorite combo is 3 scoops of powder, and two ice cubes. I've taken about 6 scoops (total) everyday and i have gained about 10 pounds this month. Great product. Definitely going to buy again when i run out!!

    Review by Taste great/ Dissolves fast on 13th September 2010

  21. Works Great, Taste Good

    Works great as a pre boost or post recovery supplement. Has a little chalky aftertaste, but over all pretty good. Very good value.

    Review by D R Barry on 13th September 2010

  22. A Must Have

    have used Magnum 8000 as a weight gainer since i started college. ive gone through probably four or five tubs in the last four years off and on, and have gone from 165 to 195. seems like every time i go through the five pound tub i gain around 7-10 pounds. the catch is you gotta work out with it or you're gonna get fat. there's a butt load of calories in the product, which is great when youre using it as a meal-replacement or post workout shake, but if youre not doing cardio your just gonna put on bad weight. also, its a little hard on my digestive system, (I get gassy and bloated for about an hour after i take a shake), but thats probably just me. the serving size is way to much i think. i just split it up into two scoops twice a day and it works great. i'm a dedicated customer.

    Review by Jacob D. Weaver on 13th September 2010

  23. Good Supplemental Drink

    This is a good recovery and supplemental drink. However, it is a little too sweet for me. Therefore, I have to reduce the number of scoops per serving and that cuts into the amount of protein intended.

    Review by T. L. Lee on 13th September 2010

  24. Magnum 8000 amongst best gainer

    This stuff is great! Although it could get a little expensive if you follow the suggested serving to gain optimum results, I definitely see the difference from when I first started drinking it. Though with any protein shakes you have to go do some hard work from your part or bad news for you.

    Review by N. Gigante on 13th September 2010

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