L-Glutamine micronized T6 - 300 Capsules

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  • Amino Acids complex
  • Enhances Physical Activity
  • Improves Strength, Power & Endurance
  • Aids in Building Muscle
  • Great post workout recovery!
RRP: £26.25 NOW: £18.49

L-GLUTAMINE T6 is a complex of amino acids, L-glutamine, taurine and vitamin B6 in carefully balanced proportions. This formula is intended to improve and enhance any physical activity in people, be they strength, power or endurance athletes or any physically active individuals. L-glutamine is an amino acid comprising of approximately 60% of the free amino acids found in the blood and muscles.

The body will lose approximately 30-40g of glutamine during each intensive workout. Glutamine can be produced naturally by the body but only by converting other amino acids which could be otherwise used to build muscle. This can result in loss of muscle mass. To avoid this, one can introduce a suitable amount of glutamine into the body, to inhibit the enzymes that break down protein and have an overall anti-catabolic effect.


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  1. Dutch Stocks for Glutamine,Isoleucine and BCAA

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    1000kg L-Glutamine We have stocks for prompt shipment and no one can beat our price !

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    Review by Nicole on 30th November 2010

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