L-Carnitine Gold - 946ml - 63 portions

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  • All natural supplement that aids fat loss
  • Use your fat for energy
  • High absorption liquid
  • Enhance your workout
  • 1500mg of L-Carnitine per daily serving (15ml)
RRP: £47.25 NOW: £34.99

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L-Carnitine is the amino acid that is responsible for the transport of fats in the body, without L-Carnitine you will not burn fats as energy.

Research has shown that accelerated levels of energy from fats are attainable when L-Carnitine is available to the muscle during exercise.

-Burn fat effeciently.
-Use fat for muscle energy.

If your diet is low in fats and red meat, it is possible that you have little or no L-Carnitine from natural sources, and that you may need to supplement L-Carnitine.

Unlock the energy stored in your fat to lose weight and realize your full potential. See and feel weight loss immediately when using our liquid L Carnitine Gold.

Just one tablespoon of liquid L-Carnitine will fire up your body’s "fat burning furnace" to burn fat and increase metabolism for weight loss. Get more from each workout as liquid carnitine helps your body to burn more fat as fuel and increase metabolism

Who should use liquid L-Carnitine Gold?

This is a perfect Pre-Workout Formula for:

Boost of Energy
Endurance Athletes & Bodybuilders
Office Workers
Pre-Work Out Formula


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Customer Reviews

  1. Good For You !!

    This is a great product ! I started taking for both my heart and for fat metabolism. It's hard to tell about the heart benefits at this point, but it definitely reducing the percentage of fat on my body.

    I have been taking it just over a week, and the difference is noticable WITHOUT exercise. My body is slimmer and my tummy flatter. I take it onece a day, which is said to be the correct amount to stimulate fat metabolism.

    I am delighted with L-Carnitine, and am in for the duration. I highly recommend this product !

    Review by Jo Anna on 14th September 2010

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  2. Amazing Product - Great Seller

    I recently purchased 2 bottles of this and the product itself delivers great results. It's significantly helped to decrease my appetite naturally. I take a tablespoon of it before I go to work in the morning and it definitely helps me in the gym. No shakiness, no weird heartbeat or anything. All natural feeling from the inside out. I feel like a million bucks when I leave the gym. I definitely recommend this product to those who seek aid in supressing their appetite naturally and also who need a quick (natural) boost of energy during their workouts.

    Review by Brie on 14th September 2010

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