Hard Mass - 750g - 10 servings

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  • Best Bulk formula & ideal body builder
  • Premium blend of 3 high quality proteins
  • High concentration of HMB & Glutamine
  • Protein-carbohydrate ratio is 50%:50%
  • Long energy carbohydrate matrix
RRP: £27.49 NOW: £19.99

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Hard Mass is an anabolic supplement which stimulates muscle mass gain. This supplement is a concentrate, with the protein to carbohydrate ratio of 50:50. Hard Mass is recommended for people with slow metabolisms who want to build up muscles without the threat of accumulating fat, which frequently happens when using gainers (typical carbohydrate-protein supplements). In each serving of Hard Mass you take in 34g of premium quality protein premix which consists of: whey protein concentrate, egg protein and calcium casein. The supplement is further enriched by glutamine (in its most easily absorbed form of peptide l-glutamine), which is the most important amino acid involved in the building of muscles. Glutamine also exhibits the ability to increase natural production of growth hormone (GH), which supports and accelerates the regeneration of the whole body, including the muscles, after an intense workout. But that is not all. What is Hard Mass unique formula? It has high density of HMB (B-hydroxy B-metylbutyrate monohydrate) -an anticatabolic ingredient. HMB acts against the destruction of muscle cells during intense workouts. Furthermore, it minimizes the reduction of protein and helps rebuild muscle tissue. This leads to permanent muscle growth and increase in strength/power. Daily demand for HMB is supplied within only two servings of Hard Mass. The combination of ingredients induces both an anabolic effect (that is muscle growth assistance) and an anticatabolic effect (saving muscle cells from destruction), allowing quick and permanent muscle gains, with no threat of accumulating fat. Hard Mass was created for all athletes to help them gain top quality muscles quickly and effectively.


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Customer Reviews

  1. Taste AMAZING with milk

    The product tastes great with low fat milk and with water..... Although for me its not the best as it does not digest well with me. Everybody's body is different so it may work for you. Also pretty high in calories!

    Review by Christopher Lindsey on 13th September 2010

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  2. Hard Mass

    there are better products than this. I did not find it up to its price

    Review by Steve on 13th September 2010

  3. Tastes amazing

    I have been working out a consistant 4 pretty hard days per week. I use one of these immediately following the workout. After 6 months, dropped 20lbs of fat & added 40lbs of muscle.

    I had been working out ~3-4 days per week prior to starting Hard Mass... my results really took off when I started using these.

    Review by brian tickes on 13th September 2010

  4. Great Product

    This is definitely one of the better tasting protein powders out there. I have a tendency to gag when I think of drinking protein shakes, but this one eliminates that. As for what is in the powder, The mixture of different proteins works quite well. Much more potent than cheap-o powders.

    Review by Devin C. Harbaugh on 13th September 2010

  5. Great Taste

    protein tastes great...goes down easy...one of the best reasons to get this...not like others where you feel like throwin up after drinkin. Runs out fast though..so stock up!

    Review by B Jones on 13th September 2010

  6. Super Tasty!

    This stuff tastes fantastic! From the research I did, I believe it to be very high quality, and the ingredients list has all the right stuff on it. I do wish, though, that it didn't have so many carbs. There are as many grams of carbs as there are of protein. So I use it somewhat sparingly, but it is right up there with other brands.

    Review by Paul Ferguson on 13th September 2010

  7. Best tasting protein powder on the market

    Hard Mass is easily the best tasting protein powder/supplement on the market. It is also some of the best blend/highest quality protein available. The fat to protein ratio is low and the sugar content is very low. Hard to believe when you taste it. Mixed with water this tastes like nestle quick in milk. Mixed with milk this tastes like one of the best milk shakes you've ever had! It doesn't mix that well with cold liquid

    Review by Cory Dzbinski on 13th September 2010

  8. The Best Tasting Protein Shake

    I just started a weightlifting routine, and I've been only at it for six weeks, but this product is perhaps the best I've tried in terms of taste and nutrition. It can be used as a pre/ post-workout protein supplement, or it can be used as a meal replacement as it has a balance of protein, carbs, and fiber. Due to the fact it can be used as a meal replacement, it has a bit more calories than other protein powders, so don't over-indulge, which can be very tempting since this stuff tastes awesome.

    Review by Clinton G. Stear on 13th September 2010

  9. Your Muscles Will Thank You

    Most of the supplements and such you see at your local "vitamin store" are nothing more than high-priced snakeoil. They promise the world and all they do is drain your wallet. Hard Mass on the other hand -- it promises protein with a great taste, and it delivers!

    Muscles need protein -- that is a scientific fact. I've been working out for 6 months and realized about 3 months in I was lacking enough protein intake to build muscle. After looking around and reading reviews I decided to try Hard Mass because it didn't promise the world; it simply promised a protein boost with a good taste. And my god did it deliver! It has become part of my daily routine and not only is it helping me repair and build muscle, but its also great for making you feel full and has helped me immensely cut down on late night snacking.

    I recommend it 100% to anyone who is looking to add more protein to their diet.

    Review by Robert L. Stinnett on 13th September 2010

  10. Delicious Gainer

    I started Hard Mass a few weeks ago and part of the program is a stringent diet. I started replacing my cereal and Instant breakfast every morning with a protein shake, and after reading all the online reviews, this one seemed to be the best. Well, the reviews didn't lie! This powder tastes delicious, and although I question some of the other content in it (carbs/sugars), it keeps me full for longer than I expected. And did I mention that it tastes great?

    Review by A. Absher on 13th September 2010

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