Hard Mass - 2.8kg - 37 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • Best Bulk formula & ideal body builder
  • Premium blend of 3 high quality proteins
  • High concentration of HMB & Glutamine
  • Protein-carbohydrate ratio is 50%:50%
  • Long energy carbohydrate matrix
RRP: £69.99 NOW: £54.99

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Hard Mass is an anabolic supplement which stimulates muscle mass gain. This supplement is a concentrate, with the protein to carbohydrate ratio of 50:50. Hard Mass is recommended for people with slow metabolisms who want to build up muscles without the threat of accumulating fat, which frequently happens when using gainers (typical carbohydrate-protein supplements). In each serving of Hard Mass you take in 34g of premium quality protein premix which consists of: whey protein concentrate, egg protein and calcium casein. The supplement is further enriched by glutamine (in its most easily absorbed form of peptide l-glutamine), which is the most important amino acid involved in the building of muscles. Glutamine also exhibits the ability to increase natural production of growth hormone (GH), which supports and accelerates the regeneration of the whole body, including the muscles, after an intense workout. But that is not all. What is Hard Mass unique formula? It has high density of HMB (B-hydroxy B-metylbutyrate monohydrate) -an anticatabolic ingredient. HMB acts against the destruction of muscle cells during intense workouts. Furthermore, it minimizes the reduction of protein and helps rebuild muscle tissue. This leads to permanent muscle growth and increase in strength/power. Daily demand for HMB is supplied within only two servings of Hard Mass. The combination of ingredients induces both an anabolic effect (that is muscle growth assistance) and an anticatabolic effect (saving muscle cells from destruction), allowing quick and permanent muscle gains, with no threat of accumulating fat. Hard Mass was created for all athletes to help them gain top quality muscles quickly and effectively.


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Customer Reviews


    This one is the best gainer I have tried. First things first, I did not gain weight but that was my fault for being lazy on my daily calorie intake. Why this is the best gainer bags of protein. Serving size is reasonable, reasonably priced, mix-ability is decent.

    Review by Ritchie on 13th September 2010

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  2. Fast & Accurate

    Seller was great, had it shipped to me with speed and accuracy will buy again. As for the product it tastes/mixes great and seems to be doing its job.

    Review by Rene J on 13th September 2010

  3. Very Impressed

    This stuff mixes great! There was no powder left in the corners of the shaker like there usually is.
    The serving size sounded like a lot but it is just right, it fills about a third of a shaker bottle.
    It tastes pretty good, better than most shakes I've had.

    Review by A. Richards on 13th September 2010

  4. Hard Mass is the truth

    Hard Mass is by far the best protein shake available. They taste so good, and they help with muscle building and recovery. I rarely use them before+after+before sleep. Usually just before and sometimes after and I get good results.

    Hard mass is my favorite because it is good for building mass. Plus it mixes better than most proteins.

    Review by Martin Wood on 13th September 2010

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