Tricep Rope Cable Attachment

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  • Heavy duty Tricep Rope - Long lasting!
  • Attaches to any universal gym
  • Helps you gain bigger muscles!
  • Increases your grip strength!

This Heavy Duty Polypropylene Tricep Rope will help you to gain bigger muscles!” You will notice that after using the Tricep Rope only a few times, you will have improved grip strength. You will also be able to target muscles such as the triceps, biceps, back shoulders and even abdominals. This Heavy Duty Tricep Rope with rubber handles attaches to any universal gym system.


- Long lasting, non tear swivel
- Solid Rubber Handles
- Heavy Duty Polypropylene Rope
- Attaches easily to any machine cable
- Colour: Black


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  1. CxvUGtEoUZKgM

    Oh yeah, fbualous stuff there you!

    Review by Kailan on 3rd July 2011

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