Red Hot Gel - Intense Warm up for your Muscles

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RRP: £19.99 NOW: £12.99
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RED HOT GEL is designed is a warming balm specifically designed to assist the athletes before theirworkout. Massage Red Hot Gel directly onto this skin. Within seconds of application muscles, tendons and joints will warm up and you will be fully prepared for your workout.

This is extremely important in outdoor sports particularly in variable temperature conditions. RED HOT GEL combines innovative form of comfort in the application of the gel and light pleasant smell of traditional herbal formula developed by Swiss scientists. The product does not contaminate the skin and leaves no greasy traces. Its active ingredients are rapidly absorbed. RED HOT GEL contains a complex of carefully selected extracts and essential oils from 25 plant extracts. Warming effects
contained in the gel (herbal ingredients) helps to achieve optimal resutls for muscle and joint working temperature, which may reduce the risk of overloading the muscle and the prevalence of injuries.

RED HOT GEL is a product of the highest quality, not recommended for regular use before workouts in all sports.


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