Calorie Counting Pedometer

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  • Easy to use step counter
  • Counts your calories or distance while you walk
  • Clips onto clothing or trainers easily
  • Several different mode settings

This accurate and easy to use Pedometer count your steps while you walk. Whether walking alone or with a friend , keep track of your progress whilst counting the calories you have burnt!


Counts up to 99,999 steps
Tells you the distance you have travelled in miles and km
Counts how many calories you have burned Easily clips onto clothing, or trainers
Easy and light to carry
Display is easy to read
Automatically turns off 1 min after use

To use:

Attach to clothing
Press 'mode' button so arrow points to whatever you want counted - i.e. "step", "Kcal" or for distance "Km"
Start walking!

Full instructions supplied with product


Customer Reviews


    I could watch Schindler's List and still be happy after raeidng this.

    Review by Deacon on 15th November 2011

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  2. Small & Discreet

    Cool gadget! Works well and is really discreet. :-)

    Review by Peter on 18th March 2011

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