Adjustable Weighted Vest Jacket - 20LBS

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  • Adds resistance to your workout!
  • Removable weight packs!
  • Comfortable with adjustable clip belts
  • Affordable, lightweight & portable!

Weighted Vest

This attractive Black Weighted Vest is perfect for adding resistance to your workouts. It is perfect for speed, agility, endurance, aerobics and strength overload. Simply add or remove weighted pockets to perfectly customise to your level of fitness. Affordable, lightweight, portable and adjustable design so that one size fits all.

This great Weighted Vest can accommodate all different chest sizes and allows for space between rib and hip area to enhance uninterrupted movement. The unique design has adjustable straps which secures the vest to your body at the same time allowing the vest to expand and allowing a normal breathing rhythm to continue whilst exercising. Its great design means the weights are evenly distributed throughout the whole vest thus improving your cardiovascular workout!


- Removable weight packs for weight adjustment
- Distributes weight evenly around torso to improve cardio conditioning & strength
- Comfortable & durable material with adjustable clip belts
- Many weight pockets – could even hold Ipod/MP3 (not included)
- Washable


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  1. oLcnPnFqM

    Wow, this is in every reespct what I needed to know.

    Review by Jacki on 3rd July 2011

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