Wrist Support For Weightlifting

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  • Ideal for weightlifting & other sports!
  • Strengthens tendons & muscles from all kind of wrist injuries
  • Helps prevent carpel tunnel syndrome
  • One size fits all!

This Advanced Wrist Support can be used in all kinds of sport or everyday activity. They are excellent for after injury, keeping sore, painful or clicking wrists in check or to prevent injury when doing heavy bench press, over head press and other weight lifting movements making all these exercises easier and increasing your muscle mass and strength. One size fits all, with adjustable Velcro fastening and neoprene pads that perfectly contour the shape of your hand.

- For every day sport activity
- Supports after injury and prevents further injury
- One size fits all
- Adjustable Velcro fastening
- Neoprene pads to fit your hand shape


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