Hand Wrist Straps

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RRP: £12.75 NOW: £4.99
  • Pro-style design ideal for endurance training
  • Ideal for weightlifting, Powerlifting & body Building
  • Great for sparing under your boxing glove
  • With Velcro for secure fitting
  • One Size Fits All
RRP: £12.75 NOW: £4.99

Wrist Wraps Professional grade to heavy lifting and designed specifically for Heavy lifting. Super tough, built to last, SUPER SUPPORT to increase your lifts. Black Velcro on each set to close that last wrap for tight wraps. Watch your Bench Press and other lifts increase from the extra support. Watch what the professionals use when lifting heavy, it's all about wrist support. Below are instructions on how you should strap your hands/wrist


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