Double Weight Lifting Belt - Red

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RRP: £23.25 NOW: £15.99
  • maximum comfort & support during lifting
  • Deluxe belt with Velcro hook & loop closure
  • Dramatically reduces stress & workload
  • Contoured shape ensures snug, comfortable fit
RRP: £23.25 NOW: £15.99

Most back related injuries are created in the gym and nearly 20% of all injuries in the workplace are due to heavy lifting. In response there has been a dramatic increase in the use of a back support belt Do abdominal belts Prevent Injury caused by lifting? There has been a dramatic increase in the number of weight lifting gym users & workers who rely on back support belts to prevent injury during lifting. Back support belts, are currently worn by not only bodybuilding enthusiasts but workers in numerous industries, including grocery store clerks, airline baggage handlers, and warehouse workers. Employers rely on back support belts to prevent injury.

These belts are being bought and sold as they reduce the risk of back injury and support the spine. There is currently scientific evidence and theory to suggest that a back support belt can reduce the risk of injury Reduce Forces on the Spine Lifting may produce a variety of forces within the body which contribute to the pressure on the spine, termed "loading\Z. A back belt significantly reduces loading during lifting. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that these forces could be reduced with a back support belt There is evidence that a back support belt increases the stiffness of the spine and the reduction of injury. It would appear that the belt also helps in many industrial lifting situations. There is research showing that workers believe they can lift more when wearing a back support belt.


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