Dibencozide Force - 100 Capsules

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  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Most active form of Vitamin B12!
  • Increase strength and lean muscles
  • Improves your general condition
  • Approximately 2 month's supply!
RRP: £14.99 NOW: £12.50

Dibencozide force is a high quality nutritional product which contains the most active form of vitamin B12 in the form of coenzyme (5'deoxy-adenosyl-cobalamin). Vitamin B12 has found its way into sportsmen nutrition as an agent fostering strength and non-fat muscle mass gain.

Additional supplementation with Dibencozide force improves anabolic potential of the body by increasing protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, which indirectly stimulates appetite. Another effect of vitamin B12 increasing DNA activity in producing red blood cells (erythrocytes), which transport oxygen.

Accelerating their recovery rate, in turn, is beneficial in increasing your body efficiency in oxygen training. Regular application of Dibencozide force improves your general condition.


Customer Reviews

  1. Jon Ward

    Any news about A defector's mystical disappearance?

    Review by Lily Mason on 14th December 2011

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  2. allsorts

    had all sorts from different makers , and they do absolute nothing as with all the other crap sold on the market ex bodybuilder take it frm me work hard gain fast its the only way .

    Review by zante on 17th April 2011

  3. Definately Works

    I've tried different appetite stimulants but this dibencozide seems to work best for me.

    Review by Gary on 10th July 2010

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