Kre- alkalyn - 30 Capsules

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  • Voted Best Creatine Monohydrate 2009-2010
  • New buffered form
  • Better absorbed than normal creatine
  • Approximately 2 weeks supply
RRP: £14.99 NOW: £9.99

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The supplement KRE-ALKALYN belongs to the group of food stuffs for particular nutritional use, especially created for athletes or people performing intense physical activity. KRE-ALKALYN includes an improved form of creatine monohydrate in a buffered form, which is characterized by much better absorption than common creatine monohydrate, and can lead to increasing its level in the muscle tissue.

Creatine plays a crucial role in the production of highly-energetic ATP molecule (phosphate) responsible for the strength, power and speed of muscle contractions.KRE-ALKALYN is a supplement especially recommended for body builders in the period of building up of muscle mass, as well as its strength and power, and for other athletes of weight lifting and speed disciplines in order to have top physical performance.


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Customer Reviews

  1. small pill form is great!

    Creatine in a small easy to swallow pill? Insane! I love it! I'm tired of trying to mix powder creatine with an overload of sugar in most cases.. go work out 30min later and still bubbly in the stomach. This new kind of pill is perfect, I take it and ready to work out in 15min no problem!

    Review by M C King on 20th September 2010

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  2. Experiment Tested: Pass

    I've been using Kre-Alkalyn for about a month now and have seen tremendous results. I decided to use it when I decided to start lifting to gain mass very quickly. My brother, who's been lifting seriously for a few years, and I decided to do an experiment. We would do the same exercises but I would use Kre-Alkalyn and he would not. We both take the same protein supplements and kept very similar diets. The results were astounding as he would be sore after extremely hard workouts 1-3 days longer than I would be. The recovery and energy you get out of this product allows you to get in high intensity workouts regularly.

    Review by Matt on 20th September 2010

  3. best creatine out there

    this stuff is great
    ive put on 15 pounds within the last 4 weeks with it
    only 1 pound of it was fat and no water retention! like you get with creatine monohydrate
    im 16 and love this stuff
    buy it!!!!!!!!

    Review by Chris Akin on 20th September 2010

  4. Creatine not Creatinine

    I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to build and/or retain lean muscle mass. This product does all it says it does without the usual side effects of traditional Creatine monohydrate products (bloating, cramping, etc.).
    I had hit a plateau in gaining muscle mass before I started using Kre-Alkalyn. No need to load up or cycle. Excellent product!

    Review by M. D. Colling on 20th September 2010

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