Kre-alkalyn 1250 - 720 Capsules

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  • Patented buffered creatine monohydrate
  • Stable and resistant to low pH
  • 100% KRE-ALKALYN┬«
RRP: £239.99 NOW: £169.99

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Sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as bodybuilders, need diet supplements in order to cope with the physical effort they have to sustain on a daily basis. For all these people, the muscle mass, the muscle strength, the vitality and the endurance play vital roles in their daily training. What they need is high levels of creatine, a substance that prevents the proteins from deteriorating and helps the muscle fibers not be destroyed in huge quantities. Unfortunately, creatine is transformed into useless substances when it reached the stomach fluids, so there is a huge need of a stable substance. Kre-Alkalyn is the product that provides this stable substance.

Thanks to the fact that the creatine enters the body in a stabilized form, the pH changes that happen inside the stomach fluids and as result of the stomach acids will not affect it. The capsules of Kre-Alkalyn are very easy to swallow, so there should be no problems in this respect. If more bodybuilders, sportsmen and sportswomen would decide to take Kre-Alkalyn on a daily basis, there would be less endurance problems in competitions. It is important to understand the fact that Kre-Alkalyn is a supplement that helps, a supplement that provides a substance that lacks in the body and that is much needed.

Kre-Alkalyn is a substance that provides big quantities of creatine in a stabilized form
Thanks to the fact that the creatine is in a stabilized form, it easily reaches the muscle cells without suffering any modifications.
The daily training session will be much more effective thanks to the fact that the fatigue symptoms which appear as result of the lack of proteins in the body are not going to be present anymore
The capsules are easy to swallow and reach the bloodstream very fast, as they are easy absorbable.


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