Creatine micronized 200 Mesh - 60 Capsules

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  • Take 5 Caps 3 times per day
  • Best Micronized Creatine in todays market
  • Rapid Gains in Muscle Mass
  • Speed & Strength Gains
RRP: £7.49 NOW: £4.99

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Creatine is intended for strength, power, and endurance athletes. This is a supplement that supports strength and mass gaining (anabolic activity). Indirectly, it also influences also the regeneration of your body by improving nitrogen balance as well as delaying protein reduction (anticatabolic effect ).

In only a few weeks, you can achieve 10-20% strength increase and gain 3 to 5kg of lean body mass thanks to proper creatine intake. The supplementation of creatine increases its concentration in muscles by approximately 50%. This initiates a number of reactions that let the cells absorb more water (1g of creatine bonds with approx. 50g of water).


Customer Reviews

  1. best creatine ever

    I've tried probably 10 different kinds of creatine before I tried this. I've used 6 bottles of this stuff in a year and I will never buy a different kind of creatine. DRINK A LOT OF WATER and you will see a difference in 2 weeks.

    Review by Ryan b on 20th September 2010

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  2. It does Work

    This product does work! If your diet is right and you take as directed it does help a lot! It gives you more explosion in your workouts and cuts recovery time! But i have used this product and it works great! At least it does for me. Nothing is going to be a miracle pill. You have to have a good diet for supplements to really work. Thats why they are called Supplements. They are intended to supplement your diet. right, supplement right, and train hard! Good Luck!!

    Review by J Banks on 20th September 2010

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