Creatine 100% - 300g - 60 servings

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  • 300g (60 PORTIONS) Use Before & After Training
RRP: £19.99 NOW: £14.99

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Creatine 100% is intended for strength, power, and endurance athletes. This is a supplement that supports strength and mass gaining (anabolic effect). Indirectly, it also influences the regeneration of your body by improving nitrogen balance as well as delaying protein reduction (anticatabolic effect). In only a few weeks, you can achieve 10-20% strength increase and gain 3 to 5kg of lean body mass thanks to the proper creatine intake. Creatine supplementation increases its concentration in muscles by approximately 50%. This initiates a number of reactions that let the cells absorb more water (1g of creatine bonds with approx. 50g of water).

Enlarged volume of the cell causes intracellular tension changes, which your body interprets as an anabolic signal that in turn triggers your muscles growth. This formula is enriched in vitamin C and sodium (mineral). Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant preventing the damage caused by free radicals produced during physical activity, whereas sodium regulates fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, thus increasing creatine anabolic effect. For permanent results, combine creatine with whey protein, protein and carbohydrate nutrient, l-glutamine peptide, glutamine, HMB or amino acids.


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Customer Reviews

  1. Really is tasteless

    Really is tasteless, and you can easily take it with water, or just like I do it: pour the powder into your mouth, and then wash it down with apple juice !
    No taste, and no hassle, this is what I'm gonna buy next time

    Review by S Grot on 20th September 2010

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  2. It's quality!

    I love Trec proteins and thought I would try this and it is just as good. Mixes easy and taste is not bad for unflavored, but easy to flavor. Will order it again.

    Review by Eric Hurlburt on 20th September 2010

  3. High quality creatine

    As with other trec products this creatine monohydrate is of high quality and (based on my results) is of acceptable potency.

    Review by L Cahill on 20th September 2010

  4. Great product with great results

    I've gained about a solid 4 pounds of muscle this month from using this stuff, creatine is one of the greatest supplements ever created. If you don't eat tones of red meat or fish you will gain a lot of muscle with this product, and this brand has a reputation for outstanding products. About the taste/smell; Why are you smelling creatine? This is what my local gym owner said, take a tablespoon of the stuff, stuff it in your mouth, pour juice into your mouth, chew and swallow. It's going to suck for 10 seconds but you will be done with it. It's a supplement, it shouldn't taste like sweets!

    Review by O Singh on 20th September 2010

  5. Little taste, but not a problem

    I use this every time before I workout. I have a lot more energy, so I don't get tired so quickly. It also helps to build muscle. There is a little taste but nothing you couldn't handle. It's not a nasty taste or any thing like that, it's a light taste. Overall it's a great product!

    Review by Mike Jones on 20th September 2010

  6. Excellent Product

    I was skeptical of buying Creatine as some of my friends told me that it will affect sexual hormones. I contacted many physical trainers including. They told me that nothing of that sort has been proven till now and I can trust this product. Then I checked for the best Creatine available and found this product. This is made from 100% Creatine. I feel really energetic after I started using this product. It is unflavored and has no odor. I will definitely recommend this product to any young man who is trying to get stronger.

    Review by Rahul on 20th September 2010

  7. Perfect!

    After using this product for 2 weeks, I've noticed gains in my size and feel like my workouts are more effective than before I started using this product.

    After the initial creatine load period, I usually take a serving of creatine with my protein shake (with fat-free milk) immediately after a workout. I also take a creatine/protein shake in the morning with my breakfast.

    Review by P Mcdonald on 20th September 2010

  8. A MUST for bodybuilding and male fitness

    Creatine is the perfect suplementation for those wanting to build some muscles. It doesn't work alone though. You must exercise and diet, but if you accomplsh to eat the right food and do some anaerobic exercises several times a week, you'll see the results showing up.

    Review by Joan Medrano on 20th September 2010

  9. Its good..............but there is a taste.

    I did see good results especially if you mix it with a protein shake. It had a gritty taste to it and didnt dissolve so easily. But nonetheless, it was a great buy! I definitely suggest it to those trying to take their workout results to the next level.

    Review by V Bur on 20th September 2010

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