Creatine Micronized + Ribose - 250 Capsules

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  • Supports Muscle Mass & Strength Gain
  • Increases Muscle Cell Volume
  • Muscles become visibly enlarged
  • Approximately a month's supply
RRP: £32.99 NOW: £24.99

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What is creatine+ribose?CREATINE micronized 200 mesh + RIBOSE is a product which supports muscle mass, energy and strength gain. Creatine monohydrate contained in the product is one of the most efficient and safest substances with anabolic effect. Its proper supplementation leads to increasing muscle cell volume, as a consequence, muscles become visibly enlarged. The product has been additionally enhanced with a natural product - ribose, which multiplies creatine effect.

Creatine and ribose are the most important precursors of high-energy ATP (adenosine triphosphate) compound production in the body. ATP is an element capable of releasing large amounts of energy in short time. It is responsible for increasing strength and contraction rate of muscles. CREATINE micronized 200 mesh + RIBOSE is designed for sportsmen practising strength sports (weight lifting, body building), speed&strength sports (martial arts), endurance sports (light athletics) and for all sportsmen concerned with quick regeneration and fat-free muscle mass gain. Micronized creatine 200 mesh used in the product is manufactured by the largest creatine producer in the world - Ferro Pfanstiehl laboratory. This creatine is characterised by the highest purity and absorption, thanks to which it has been awarded pharmaceutical quality mark


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