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  • Best Muscle Gain Capsules
  • Speed & Strength Gain
  • Improves Sports Performance
  • Build Muscle & Strength
  • 100% Creatine Malate
RRP: £14.99 NOW: £9.99

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Whats the best creatine supplement to take before any workout? CM3 1250 creatine supplement is a product containing an improved creatine formula in its most bioavailable form, 100% creatine malate (tri - creatine malate) . For years now creatine supplements have been the most popular and effective substance used in body building and other professional sports while building muscle strength and mass and always taken before any workoutIng comparison to the traditional creatine monohydrate supplements, creatine malate is characterised by better stability (does not become reduced to valueless creatine in the gastric acidic environment), and absorption (significantly more quickly absorbed in blood stream), which results in storing a larger amount of creatine in a muscle cell.

Consequently, the body may use even larger doses of anabolic and erogenic substances, which leads to even better muscle mass and strength gain results in comparison to the traditional creatine monohydrate. This is why, CM3 1250 is the best creatine supplement to take.CM3 1250 belongs to the group of foodstuffs for particular nutritional use, which satisfies the nutritional demand of the body while training intensively, especially in disciplines involving strength i.e. body building, weightlifting, as well as speed & strength i.e. martial arts or short distance running, for improving your sports performance. Take this creatine supplement in the morning and take before and after your workout


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Customer Reviews

  1. wJnUALqxy

    Of the panoply of website I've pored over this has the most vareicty.

    Review by Hannah on 16th November 2011

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  2. very good

    it dose what it says easy too take feel more bulky not so full like u get with powder stuff try it it works

    Review by singer b on 3rd November 2011

  3. best creatine out there

    this stuff is great
    ive put on 15 pounds within the last 4 weeks with it
    only 1 pound of it was fat and no water retention! like you get with creatine monohydrate
    im 16 and love this stuff
    buy it!!!!!!!!

    Review by Chris Akin on 20th September 2010

  4. Does what it says, if correctly used

    I used to use other capsules and that work but there were those side effects, because it was thermogenic. The thing I like about this product is there are no side effects, cycling or bloating. It is like your taking routine supplements. I've noticed improvement though in my stamina/ endurance. If you stick with this product, you will notice quick results at least within the 1st to 2nd week of usage. I love it and I think I will go ahead and order again when i finish these.
    P.S. Use the prescribed amount. There is no need in going over that unless you're not using it properly.

    Review by Leo Scott on 20th September 2010

  5. Creatine not Creatinine

    I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to build and/or retain lean muscle mass. This product does all it says it does without the usual side effects of traditional Creatine monohydrate products (bloating, cramping, etc.).
    I had hit a plateau in gaining muscle mass before I started using CM3. Excellent product!

    Review by M D Colling on 20th September 2010

  6. It does Work

    This product does work! If your diet is right and you take as directed it does help a lot! It gives you more explosion in your workouts and cuts recovery time! But i have used this product and it works great! At least it does for me. Nothing is going to be a miracle pill. You have to have a good diet for supplements to really work. Thats why they are called Supplements. They are intended to supplement your diet. right, supplement right, and train hard! Good Luck!!

    Review by D Broncs on 20th September 2010

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