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  • Best Muscle Gain Capsules
  • Speed & Strength Gain
  • Improves Sports Performance
  • Build Muscle & Strength
  • 100% Creatine Malate
RRP: £41.25 NOW: £29.99

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Whats the best creatine supplement to take before any workout? CM3 1250 creatine supplement is a product containing an improved creatine formula in its most bioavailable form, 100% creatine malate (tri - creatine malate) . For years now creatine supplements have been the most popular and effective substance used in body building and other professional sports while building muscle strength and mass and always taken before any workoutIng comparison to the traditional creatine monohydrate supplements, creatine malate is characterised by better stability (does not become reduced to valueless creatine in the gastric acidic environment), and absorption (significantly more quickly absorbed in blood stream), which results in storing a larger amount of creatine in a muscle cell.

Consequently, the body may use even larger doses of anabolic and erogenic substances, which leads to even better muscle mass and strength gain results in comparison to the traditional creatine monohydrate. This is why, CM3 1250 is the best creatine supplement to take.CM3 1250 belongs to the group of foodstuffs for particular nutritional use, which satisfies the nutritional demand of the body while training intensively, especially in disciplines involving strength i.e. body building, weightlifting, as well as speed & strength i.e. martial arts or short distance running, for improving your sports performance. Take this creatine supplement in the morning and take before and after your workout


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Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent product

    i have been using trec products for a long time the tri creatine malate is the best creatine on the market from trec. it takes 3 days to kick in and has excellent results. i put on only 9pounds but my strength level improved by alot.
    bench press before tri creatine malate- 140kg- 6 reps
    after- 160kg 2 reps

    Deadlift 180kg 8 reps before use
    220kg 1 rep after use

    Review by faaz on 11th January 2011

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  2. CM3 beats creatine mono

    i have been using this product for sometime now and I can honestly say this kicks creatines butt. If you respond well to creatine monohydrate or ester, try this, you'll love it. no bloat, no loading, no taking it everyday. I only take it on my workout days and I get the same results as the other products.

    Review by El Duderino on 20th September 2010


    All they hype about the strength increase is true! I too had grown stagnant as the other review states, so I bought every creatine product under the sun and none of them increased my strength until this one! Also size being gained is not water weight, it is actual lean muscle, haven't seen cuts like this in years (I turn 41 in two weeks). And no more mixing! A few pills during the day and that's it. 100% recommend this creatine!

    Review by J Hagstrom on 20th September 2010

  4. Excellent CREATINE

    I have been working out for 6 months and have tried creatine in the form of mono. By far, this version is the best one. My muscles are much more dense and I'm beginning to see more definition. I recommend this highly esp. to all ectomorphs who have a hard time gaining. Gives you value for money!

    Review by Erwin D. Paraiso on 20th September 2010

  5. One of the top, safe workout suppl

    I have used this creatine for years. The difference when I'm on this versus when I'm not is huge. It's not so much something I feel when I'm working out, but by the end of the day (or the next morning at the latest), I feel like I could effectively redo whatever muscle group I just finished working out. Obviously it's important to take a good protein supplement

    Review by J. Fields on 20th September 2010

  6. Great Price, but does it work?

    I've been taking CM3 for quite sometime. For one it's not too expensive and also it comes in capsules. The latter makes it better to consume as opposed to mixing a powder with your drink - always tastes chalky to me regardless of what I do or the brand I use. However, all this being said, I don't know if it is truly helping me in my muscle recovery and build. I'll have to stop taking it to find out which I really don't want to do. So I pose the question to myself and maybe others, does it work?

    Review by R. Catapang on 20th September 2010

  7. A great workout recovery resource

    I've been using this product for about a year now, and I notice a huge difference when I'm using it, compared to when I'm not using it. Normally, after a hard workout, it takes 2-3 days to recover. When using the CM3, recovery time is noticeably reduced - I literally recover overnight, and I'm ready to go the next day.

    Review by J Sloan on 20th September 2010

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