Vitargo - 2.1kg - 30 servings

Suitable for Vegetarians
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RRP: £49.99 NOW: £42.99
  • Increase in strength, energy & endurance
  • Rocket fuel for your muscles
  • 100% Pure Carbohydrates Complex
  • Over 2 week's supply
  • Sugar FREE!!!!
RRP: £49.99 NOW: £42.99

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Vitargo Electro Energy – is unique, specially improved carbohydrate drink , which specifically allows for extremely fast and efficient recovery process and collects energy reserves in muscular parasitism. Vitargo Electro Energy composition is based on a special type of carbohydrate, with high molecular weight which determines the maximum flow rate of liquid from the tract to the muscles. Thanks to the high concentration of carbohydrates with low osmosis solution, Vitargo complements reserve phosphorylase muscular disorders by 80% faster than traditional energy drinks. Acting for organism exceptionally efficient energy source, perfectly complements the energy losses during and after extreme physical exercise. To regulate water and electrolyte balance Vitargo Electro Energy drink was enhanced further in the minerals, which ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles.


Vitargo Electro Energy is the first and only drink for sportsmen, who in so little time renews energy stocks in muscular parasitism. Clearly increases the intensity of the training and almost 30% increases the resistance of the organism during heavy and prolonged physical effort.


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