Business Activities

The history of TREC NUTRITION is closely related to the US, as for over 13 years the company headquarters in New York has been involved in the sales of components used in the manufacturing of sports nutrition and supplements. Initially the company’s strategic plans indicated Poland as an ideal location for a branch which would sell the products in Central and Eastern Europe. However, because of the demand and interest in the products of the highest quality in Poland, the company profile was quickly modified, first by switching to packaging and customizing the products imported from the US and later to own brand production.


This division of activities of the company in Poland has been maintained since 2001 with the most significant one consisting in packaging and customizing the supplements imported from the US and giving them the TREC NUTRITION brand name. A part of the supplements sold by the company are produced and packaged in American laboratories and brought to Poland as ready-made products which are then give Polish labels. This mainly concerns the products which are manufactured with the use of exceptionally costly technologies or proprietary formulas.


Since the very beginning of its activity, the company has had its premises in GDYNIA-Poland’s largest cargo port. The choice of this particular location for the production plant is due to logistics and economics, as time and cost of transport of the products from the US to the factory in Poland (by sea) is reduced to a minimum.

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