Leucine Fusion - 90 Capsules

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  • Strongest Amino Acid Matrix
  • Growth rate of muscle protein build up to 70%
  • Increases energy during hard training
  • Effective and very fast recovery rates
RRP: £24.99 NOW: £14.99

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The strongest amino acid matrix containing up to 3 highly effective forms of Leucine

• Growth rate of muscle protein build up to 70%
• The maximum effect of anabolic and anti-catabolic
• More energy during hard training and an efficient and fast regeneration

LEUCINE FUSION Matrix is a high quality most biologically active form of L-Leucine - one of the strongest amino acid with anabolic and anti-catabolic. Numerous scientific studies confirm that L-Leucine helps in the process of construction and also the regeneration of muscle proteins. Unique combination of three different forms of the amino acid yielded a product with exceptional permeability and efficiency. Supplementation LEUCINE FUSION stimulates the construction of muscle mass can increase performance and endurance during long-term efforts, and accelerate recovery time.

LEUCINE FUSION Leucine plays a key role in the process of protein synthesis in muscle cells. It is a high level of this amino acid in the body is perceived as a signal to start and intensify the process by which our muscles grow and repair themselves. The appropriate dose of Leucine can increase the intensity of building new muscle proteins up to 70%. Consuming large amounts of this amino acid allows for sustainable and stable progress in building quality muscle mass. This amino acid not only increases the number of signal compounds that stimulate formation of muscle proteins, but also he becomes the first element in the structure of the emerging wbudowywanym protein. Not without significance is the impact on the level of secreted Leucine with anabolic hormones. Its supplementation can increase levels of insulin and growth hormone. This improves the use of all supplied with the diet of nutrients - particularly protein and carbohydrates, and muscle cells receive an additional stimulation for growth.

LEUCINE FUSION contains 3 excellent form L-Leucine - an amino acid, which not only speeds up muscle growth, but also improves metabolism okołotreningowy. Use of the product before training can significantly increase the amount of useful energy required for heavy exercise. The preparation also helps to dismiss the feeling of fatigue, because Leucine inhibits the secretion of serotonin. This activity translates directly into increased strength and power, and a marked improvement in endurance training. LEUCINE FUSION allows you to practice longer and at high speed.

LEUCINE FUSION is a product of an extremely potent anti-catabolic effect, which helps prevent muscle tissue from degradation as a result may arise during the long and heavy exercise for energy shortages. Supplied from outside the leucine can serve as an alternative energy source when glucose supplies run out. This saves the protein muscle building from destruction. Under conditions of energy deficit Leucine also expedites the mobilization and burning of stored fat, while maintaining a high intensity training and further limiting catabolism. After training, high levels of Leucine regeneration accelerates postprandial muscle protein and glycogen. This amino acid stimulates the production of insulin, so the speed with which they are provided the necessary nutrients after exercise dramatically increases.
Thanks Leucynie is possible to achieve over compensation and full of nutrients replenish the glycogen, making the process of regeneration after training faster and more efficiently.


LEUCINE FUSION This next-generation formulation, which contains up to three synergistically acting forms of Leucine. The product is the result of collaboration of experts from the TREC NUTRITION's top players TREC TEAM. Already the first tests have shown remarkable anti-catabolic and anabolic strength. The use of three forms of Leucine in a single formulation contribute to dramatically increase its efficiency and speed. The carefully selected ingredients and proportions of high dose makes LEUCINE FUSION is the most effective matrix Leucine ever created, which is available at extremely attractive prices.


LEUCINE FUSION This product is intended for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts and strength and discipline sylwetkowych strength and endurance-strength. Preparation will be the perfect complement to a diet, which improves the utilization of protein and carbohydrates in the process of recovery time. LEUCINE FUSION training will help overcome the stagnation and accelerate progress in building the basic features of stress in all sports. In bodybuilding preparation drastically accelerate construction of high quality muscle mass.

Ingredients per serving (3 capsules): The energy value of 1911 kcal Protein 1.92 g Carbohydrates 0.8 g Fat 0.07 g Leucine 2400mg Anabolic Matrix L-Leucine L-Leucine Alpha-ketoglutarate L-Leucine-Ethyl-Ester

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