Amino Muscle 16.500 - 946ml - 21 portions

Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • 16,500mg of Aminos per Serving
  • Fantastic recovery supplement
  • Great for professional athletes and active people
  • Repairs your damaged muscles
RRP: £52.49 NOW: £34.99
Out of Stock

This long-awaited nutritional brand is the Trec concentrated liquid amino acid, which in one portion (45 ml) provides up to 16,500 mg of free and branched (BCAA) amino acids with the highest biological value. This form of liquid preparation ensures that there is amino acids in the blood stream within a few seconds after its use resulting in immediate reconstruction of damaged muscle fibers during training.

This preparation is enriched with substances, lipotropowe (activating the transformation of fats) such as choline, Inositol, l-carnitine, which fuse and transport molecules of fat.


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